Two way mirror - infinity LED mirror?

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  • I was wondering if any of the dev team had any idea? When I tried it, it partially worked. The infinity reflection between two mirrors does work when I squeeze the camera between mirrors. However, it won’t show up on the front side.

    The front surface needs to be a two way mirror: transparent on the front and mirrored on the backside. Then, there’s lighting and the actual mirror.

    It appears currently the engine can’t render the two way mirror. Is this limitation that can be resolved in the future?

  • Enscape is a VR tool and not a full render engine

    Depends on what you mean with "full render engine", this definition does not exist. The technical correct wording would be: Enscape is not a unbiased renderer in terms of light transport, hence comes with some limitations like e.g. multiple reflections which have been traded in favor of performance and scalability.

    To answer the question: I am not aware of a good workaround to achieve this effect. You could fake it by extruding it into the wall with a sheet of glass in front of it. but that's not fully applicable in all cases.

  • I think, all the known shortcomings wich can't be solved because the "VR performance" wouldn't kept shows the difference between a full render engine and a VR engine. For example I asked for solid glass objects in the past and the answer was, glass isn't rendered like at a classic render engine, it's only looking like this.

    To understand the difference helps to understand why Enscape isn't save to replace a classic render engine. It's fantastic for what it is made and without wrong expectations it does a nice job. ;)

  • As this was done for work, I'm not uploading the full rendering. However, here's how I achieved the effect. the chrome frame open box are made about two or three boxes in depth; then there's mirrored surfaced on the backside of the last open frame box.

    Inside each open frame box, there's thin linear emissive tubing goring around the frame. In the end, that's pretty much what I wanted to see.

    Someone mentioned 'endless reflection' doesn't work with Enscape. However, as I mentioned earlier two mirrors indeed reflected each other. What didn't work was the two way mirror.