Surfaces are Transparent

  • I was rendering a model today and found that some surfaces were either 100% transparent or missing from the inside but still visible from the outside. The material applies to the object is also used on other objects but they are still visible. Any ideas?

  • Hi David,

    I presume you're using Revit. If your object is only single faced it's 100% transparent from the inside and 100% visible from the outside.

    Currently you have to make it a double faced object to accomplish visibility from the inside.

    You can access every object in flymode to verify the current behavior, see the screenshots of the inside of a sample wall:

    Maybe we can optimize the visualization of single faced objects.

    I've forwarded this topic as a feature request to our developers.

    I hope my answer was helpful.

  • Seriously, I have been using Revit for 10 years and never encountered single sided objects. This same object worked fine in previous versions of Enscape. How do you change objects from single sided to double sided in Revit?

  • The Revit renderer does render any object two faced as it has more time for doing that.

    We are rendering single faced objects only from one side, usually the outside, to improve the performance.

    But if the same object worked fine in a previous version of Enscape we have to take a closer look.
    Do you remember the exact version of Enscape?

    And could you provide us the mentioned object?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi buttons129

    The problem with backsides and/or normal directions, that happened sometimes in earlier versions of Enscape, was mostly related to external content (for example some cars), not to fairly standard walls.

    Which versions of Revit / Enscape do you use? Does the problem persist after restarting Enscape? If yes, we will be happy to take a look at the model, to investigate further.

    Another note: Revit does not give us the geometry inside the wall (between layers), just the outer layer. Check the material of the outer layer, perhaps it's 100% transparent - on the left side it looks a little bit like it.

  • Have you tried the preview version? Does this occur there too? If yes, you could send us an example file to reproduce this issue. This might help us to figure out the problem.

  • That's a weird wall you have there. I can reproduce the issue, but I'm afraid there is not much Enscape can do, because it get's wrong materials from Revit.

    Take a look at the wall in a realistic 3d view in Revit. Only one side has the correct material applied to it, the other one appears in default material.

    In the Revit API there are two methods in retrieving the material. Normally it doesn't matter which one we use. But in this instance it does. One has the default material, the other has some 99% transparent material. We could switch to using the other method, but that wouldn't be correct either.

    If I create a new wall of the same type, it works correctly. Only a few existing walls have this problem. I suggest you delete and recreate the problematic walls in revit, because they are somehow broken. Might be a bug in Revit - feel free to report it to Autodesk. I tried it with Revit 2018 and the current Revit Preview, but the problem persists.

    The correct side (you can see the assigned bump map):

    The wrong side:

    The wall structure:

  • just as a matter of interest, i tried replacing the effected walls (via the properties window) with 10 different standard wall types loaded in my model and they all have the same result of being transparent from one side.