wish: 1.change texture in standalone exe - 2. cycle trough predefined views

  • Hi,

    I am currently evaluating if I could use enscape for a really big project. The problem is that I would need 2 key features to make this work:

    1. the ability for the end user (client) to change a certain texture or material of a mesh e.g. by pressing a predefined hotkey while watching the standalone exe.

    The name of the material could e.g. have specific syntax to indicate to enscape that it is changeable like e.g. WoodDark_CHANGE-A-01,Stone_CHANGE-A-02, WoodLight_Change-A-03...

    "CHANGE" would indicate that it is a user changeable Material, "A" would be the group within the changing will occur, and the number would indicate the order the cycling would take place.

    2. the possibility for the user to cycle trough pre-defined views, by hitting a defined hotkey.

    Any chance to make this possible? I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for such a feature, because I need them in a foreseeable time-frame...



  • Changing textures from within Enscape is an ongoing development request that spans almost from it's inception (although doing it from within an EXE is another step).

    The second I think might already be possible through favorite views... but I might be wrong on this.

  • Hi Gadget, thanks for your suggestion, the favorite view thing was exactly what I was looking for ... So that one is solved for me .

    The other thing is probably more difficult maybe someone from the enscape team might want to chime in ?



  • Thanks for the suggestion v-cube , the first point is something which is actually planned to be implemented eventually, I'll forward this once more to our developers, if there'll be any further news I'll also get back to you.

    Loosely related.... any chance of maintaining LAYERS in Enscape?

    One of our GOALS for client exhibits is to be able to display OPTIONS.
    Would be nice to control this with layers...

    Do you mean layer settings saved in views, or generally something like a menu in Enscape to circle between layer options? :)

  • Using ArchiCAD...

    While MATERIAL options are something to consider, I'm also after things like

    -OptA = Ceiling Beams in Family Room

    -OptB = Coffered Clg

    -OptC = Crown Molding....

    I already have these layers in ArchiCAD...

    If I could export an ENSCAPE version where all these layers were present, then be able to TURN OFF layers, I could toggle thru the options.

    (Graphisoft's own BIMx has this ability and even SAVE TO PDF is now able to keep layers with layer control in the PDF file)...

    I suppose if ENSCAPE already "knows" about the layer as an attribute of the 3d entities, this would not be difficult. If it just sees ONE 3d SCENE, then some work to accomplish.

  • DGD-Duane , generally, with Enscape 2.7 you'll be able to have different geometry per view. So in that case, you should be able to have different layer options per view, so you could just cycle between the corresponding views. I hope this helps so far. :)

  • is there any ETA (roughly ...) when 2.7 will be released ? -> weeks / month / next year

    Sorry - no rough ETA just yet besides knowing for sure that it'll be released next year.