Ideas for Asset updates

  • When the asset library updates, it would be nice to ask the user if they want to apply the update now, later, in the background or for specific catalogs (Or delay) :

    - Now would just works as it does just now: it simply updates all the model, thumbnail and asset tags, re-loading them all once done.

    - Later would allow a scheduled task to be run (whether Enscape or the native application is running or not) that would update everything - next time the program loads; 'bing' and it's all shiny.

    - Background would load the models/assets as they currently are cached on the local machine, but use idle time to incrementally update one asset at a time without disturbing the current processes.

    - Catalogue would allow the user to apply a tag filter to either include or exclude from the update process. (This 'advanced' dialogue would also have the three other options as 'go' buttons.)

    - Delay would temporarily ignore the update until the program is closed and run again.

    Doing this would tag any new assets as "new"(/"updated") and remove the "new" tag from any existing assets.

    It would also be nice to have access to a 'change log' text file once it's complete to see which assets were updated and how.