Rendering Style Settings & Filters

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  • It would be great if you could manually adjust the rendering settings beyond white mode and polystyrol. Similar to Sketchup styles, where you can easily adjust line styles and rendering filters, this would make Enscape an even more powerful tool for client interaction. Sometimes Revit models are refined to a point where the white modes don't provide enough detail, but the time it takes to get a model ready for full realistic materials can be daunting. A "middle ground" option where colors/materials can be suggested to get a better feel for spaces/design without having to be fully realistic would be a game changer!

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    mgeiser , thank you for your feedback and welcome to our forum! That has definitely been requested before in a similar fashion so I'll forward your additional feedback to our developers too, and add a upvote to the existing feature request. :)

    Also, just to make very sure, you are aware of our "Outlines" feature in the "Visual Settings":

    You probably are, but just to make sure. :)