Ceiling grass

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  • Hi,

    I'm working on a model and need to put fake grass to the ceiling, but when I apply the material to the ceiling and I play with grass settings nothing happen. I figured out that it's a gravity issue.

    Grass grows only from the floor to the sky in Enscape universe and not the oposit.

    Is there anyway to have a beautiful grass on my ceiling ?

    I tried to flip the volume of my ceiling but nothing change.
    Fun fact, when I flip the volume at 90 degrees no more grass at all, both sides. !

    Thanks for your help

  • So I flipped the model and it works perfectly ! nice thought !

    BUT it seems you cannot flip Enscape camera, even if I synchronize sketchup camera view the Enscape camera stay up side down.

    Nevermind I did a capture this way and flip image afterward

    Thank you very much !