VR questions

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  • I haven't created VR renderings yet, and it's quite exciting to try out. We use 360 cameras at for site survey, and I find it very useful. Surely concept VR rendering will be useful presentation as well.

    Got some questions if you guys could help me understand better.

    1. Are there be certain VR headsets that can be recommended? and not to buy?

    2. Is it essentially 360 degree panorama rendering image that's viewed with VR headset?

    3. Can the VR user actually move around inside the rendered model (without physically moving in case the model is very big). If possible, this would be -- cannot find the right word but -- really really great.

    4. If #3 isn't feasible, can a VR headset be synced to the monitor in real time? I would control the camera movement on the computer, and the VR user just watches what I show them. (very much less cool than #3)

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    Changed the title of the thread from “VR headset recommendation” to “VR questions”.
  • Hi!

    1. VR Headset, which one should I buy?
    2. No, it's not just a 360° pano. It's a full walk through.
    3. Yes.
    4. It is synced, you see on the monitor what the person sees in VR.

    For more information, have a look: https://enscape3d.com/knowledgebase/