Show multiple views at the same time (split-screen, or quad-screen)

  • Suggestion A

    Give us the opportunity to pull views from the model and witness changes from 2 or more perspectives simultaneously

    There is an experiential difference between selecting between views and seeing a split view from a designer's workflow perspective. For example, I may like a change I made on the outside of a building, but I want to see live how that changes the interior experience of the building. But now I need to make small changes to find balance (sweet spot in my alteration) that works with both perspectives.

    Suggestion B

    Give us the opportunity to create a split-screen view but link the viewers, and then show different design options in each viewer.

    I think there's a way to simple implement this without trying to open pandora's box.


  • Thanks for the suggestion mattendler - even though there is no feedback yet from other users, I've gladly filed a corresponding feature request for this subject! :) Let me know in case there is anything else you want to add to it as feedback.