Enscape open API

  • I would love to be able to create a dynamo script that utilizes Enscape tools, unfortunately there is no API so all interaction is manual clicking. (Which means we have to rely on manual entry <X and not glorious scripts and automation:love:)

    Here's some pseudo-code to illustrate:

    1. def RenderPanorama (view)
    2.     Enscape.NavigateTo(view.Position)
    3.     newPanorama = Enscape.RenderPanorama(MediumQuality, view.name + " Panorama")
    4.     return  = newPanorama
    5. RenderPanorama(FavoritedViews)
    6. videoOut = Enscape.RenderVideo(4k, 30fps, Bluray, videopath.xml)

    An Enscape API would open up a ton of productivity opportunities, and maybe help when you have to re-render all of your content due to a design change.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  • Providing an open Enscape API is not something which is planned currently, but it's filed as a feature request on our agenda already since other people have demanded this too. I'll add your upvote and feedback to the topic! :)

  • Just what I was looking for today: render 44 panoramas unattended. Love methods you wrote.