Substance material integration

  • I'm aware that there are direct use of Substance materials in Max and other 3D apps, but for in-house architecture work, Revit is king. So having parallel models and rendering processes is not efficient for smaller projects.

    How to do you see Substance materials being integrated? An entirely secondary material editor for Enscape, but inside Revit? Seems like a challenging task and I'd be very surprised if the Revit API even had this sort of support for building out a solution.

    I am using Revit for architecture and it is king on floor plans and architecture elements but its not king on 3D modelling, 2D and 3D texturing.

    Look at Revit 2020 its adapting and having more advance features and its not about bringing the full editor into revit but for enscape to one day be as powerful as substance. If enscape can plug into 3D studio max that would be good as Lumion can already do that! :)

  • +1 This week ive been trying to use Substance in Enscape I found that it only works in Revits built in rendering software but won't work in Enscape for some reason. I'm also using Revit 2020 btw

    PBR materials don't work in Revit natively in any form. They work just fine in Revit and Enscape if you export out the maps and start with a generic new Revit material using the Appearance "Base Material - Opaque".