Export Web Standalone problem

  • Hello,

    I am trying to export a scene using the Export web standalone option. It said uploading for a while then I get the following error:

    "An error occurred during the upload, please try again later."

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Enscape version: 2.6.0+11215 (stable version)

  • Hume , could you kindly try restarting your machine? Has it been working before just fine? Any chance that you're connecting via the internet through a proxy server? :) It may also be related to your firewall. Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

  • Thank you, it got resolved by restarting. Although it does look perfect on the web browser on pc, it looks really bad on mobile for some reason. Might be a browser problem.

    You can gladly let me know if a different browser gives you different results, and also explain why it looks bad to you in this case? :) Which phone are you using?

  • Hello,

    Ok I tried it on mobile on Chrome and Samsung Internet. (Galaxy S8). Below is what it looks like on PC:


    And this is how it looks like on mobile:


    Sorry I tried to upload the pictures and link it directly but in preview it showed as blocked images. Ok and it still does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong regarding sharing images on here? To describe the problem, on PC it looks fine. On mobile the colours are not correct, and everything is very dark.

  • Hello, I am having this issue as well. Restarting fixes temporarily but the issue always returns. Has there been a solution found yet?

    The main difference from what I can see in the shots provided by the previous user seems to come from the set time of day - have you tried to adjust the time of day in your web standalones to see if that helps? :)

    If it does not, please also send in a few screenshots, thanks!