Light emissive objects adjustable with "artificial light brightness" scroller.

  • I often find myself wanting to adjust the brightness of my emissive materials. Also, I would like to be able to not directly see the emissive material, but would like the see the glow and reflections.

  • There is a slider under the Atmosphere tab in the Visual settings dialogue named Artificial Light Brightness. This might do what you were asking.

    However I do agree that some sort of keypress/toggle/button that would let you scroll this slider while within the Enscape window would be useful. Similarly if this setting* could be saved per scene/view it would be cool.

    (* along with 99% of the other Visual settings)

  • Thank you both, I'm forwarding your feedback as usual. :) And as mentioned by Gadget , if you want to control the overall Artificial Light Brightness of all emissive surfaces and lights, you can use the slider accordingly.

  • Hi' Demian,

    Is it just me, or is this functionality (Artificial Light Brightness) not making any changes to Light Sources in linked files?


    That is correct. The slider only affects lights which are not put in as linked file. Still, I'll forward your inquiry accordingly - what would be your use case for that, just overall control? :)