Cameras as Keyframes not Views

  • In the video editor, we can create as many keyframes as we like without any discernible slow-up.

    In the viewer, "creating views" however - at least certainly within Revit - is at the utter mercy of Revit's view creation - views I might add we never need (except for Enscape purposes)

    So I was wondering, might we get the option somehow (perhaps create an .xml like the video editor) to "create views (for Enscape Only)" ? - with the possibility to bind the action to a shortcut - so, when we might effortlessly set up shots for framing-up "jump-throughs" (of saved views) - which is how we're finding our story-telling working best with Enscape at the moment.

  • I have argued the case to make Keyframes and Views (and panoramas) to all be the same thing for a long time ;)

    I hadn't though that so many 'scenes' would have that much of an impact on the native application: I can see the advantage in most programs... It would be good if every Enscape camera position (view, keyframe, panorama, snapshot position) was able to be shown as a "favorite" shortcut in Enscape, but somehow tag the ones that also relate to native application 'scenes'.

  • Thank you both, I'll gladly forward your feedback. Since there is already a existing feature request for this basically, which is what Gadget indirectly mentioned, I'll upvote that one and add your further feedback accordingly. :)