Quality render for closeup and further distance

  • Hi guys,

    I think this request or issue has been discussing for a long time and probably Enscape is working on it. But I just want to share with you again.

    In this project, I am trying to achieve the material called: Soltis Horizon 86. As you can see in the attached files, one is rendered with father distance and other is at closed up position. The closed up one is much better and realistic whereas the farther one is not showing the actual intention.

    I hope that Enscape should have the higher setting in which we can choose for further rendering.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Thanks for your report thinhpham , what you're seeing there is simply the so called "Moiré effect", you can also see this being produced when taking pictures of similar materials as used in your project in real life:


    In this case I can advice that you simply increase the rendering resolution accordingly - that may very well help already.