Enscape 2.6 2 tabs toolbar not showing in Rhino 6

  • Hi

    I have installed Enscape 2.6 onto a test computer with Rhino 6.

    When I open rhino, the Enscape plugin is there.

    But the Enscape 2 tabs is not present.

    I can manually add the 2 tabs Enscape and Enscape capturing tool bars.

    But on older Enscape and older versions...you can check mark Enscape (2 tabs) in rhino options and the 2 tabs show up in toolbar.

    see attachments with Enscape 2.6 view and Enscape to see what I am talking about.


  • mhughes - that only becomes available when you combine the tabs.

    So enable the two options in the Options Toolbar menu, then drop them one of them into the other, place in the Toolbar, and reopen the Options Toolbars again, and you should now see Enscape option with '2 Tabs' in brackets. You can pretty much customize this how you want, so perhaps the developers did not see a need to maintain providing the '2 Tabs' option by default, as its not that tricky to set this up yourself, and perhaps to avoid any confusion.

  • Pete Chamberlain Hi Pete, I have the same issue as mentioned above by mhughes . While it's an easy thing to fix for a user, I'm updating Enscape for 100+ Rhino users in our company and if the toolbar isn't there I'm sure some won't know how to use it or fix it. This will cause a serious head ache for us to respond to queries from many users or we will have to write a custom script to fix this.

    Can we have this resolved and moved back to the way it was?

    Why wouldn't Enscape want to make its toolbar as easily accessible as possible?

    Thank you,


  • smisiurek - Actually this combined Enscape toolbar should be there by default now. If you find it isn't then it may be worth reloading the plugin, as explained here.

    Also make sure you are running the latest version of Enscape available here.