Separate brightness for HDRI-light and background

  • Hi,

    a lot of times when using a HDRI as as skybox, I find myself adjusting the brightness so that I would get a well balanced lit scene. Most of the time this will however result in a burned out sky. To compensate for that and allow more flexibility also with regards of reflections, all serious render engines have different slots for 1. Light environment, 2. Reflection Environment, 3.Refraction Environment and 4. Background Environment. I do not consider no. 3 so important but the other are without doubt.

    If this is not easy to implement short termed, then please give us at least a second slider to adjust a background / reflection multiplier.

    This is a Basic feature, especially for real time environments.



  • Most of the time this will however result in a burned out sky.

    I second your request. On the other side the burned out sky could be catched by an enhanced color mapping. Maybe the ground/sky relation is physical correct, but without a good "viewing device" like the human eye the result will be like you described. Other engines provide the main parameters burn/exposure/contrast to get it job done. The burn control is missed at Enscape.

    Very much I like the curve control of the V-Ray frame buffer which allow me to simulate an anlog film curve based on a very long flat upper curve end like in this extreme example here.

  • Hi Micha,

    yes I agree, color mapping would be another very beneficial thing to have, your are also right about the shortcomings of a computer monitor vs. the human eye, what we are facing here are classical photographic problems, which also occur in the real world when taking photos without using bracketing / HDR techniques.

    Often it is very interesting to see how professional photographers approach these problems like e.g. here:

    The author has many more of those very educational videos on how to solve these kind of photographic challenges, which can also be applied on what we are doing here (...virtual photography)

    However, having different environmental slots with custom multipliers is a standard thing and therefore a "no-brainer" IMHO, especially since a very important part of Enscape is its VR capacities.

    I would love to have someone from the Enscape team chime in at this point ;-)