Surface Book 3 MIA, any other 2 in 1's that have a powerful discrete gpu?

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  • I was hoping Microsoft would jam a nVidia RTX 2070 into a new version of the Surface Book and I've have a unicorn - a thin laptop that I can draw on, but that would also run Revit/Enscape with good performance and occasional VR sessions with a Vive. No such luck after their fall event. Anyone know of the most powerful 2 in 1 on the market? Razer pre-annouced their Studio Edition and I think mentioned a touch or "sketch" option, but there aren't any details about it and they aren't talking until it's out. Most of the HP, Lenovo, and Dell 2 in 1's all have pretty small gpus in them. Keep waiting?

  • Yup, not ideal. You probably get around a 2070 performance from a 2080. To me, it's worth it in the long run since you can upgrade that separately from the laptop, and you don't need a laptop weighing 10lbs and sounding like a jet engine (i.e. Razer type with 1080+).