PBR Texture Import Help

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  • Hi, I have never used PBR textures before and I am trying to use them with Sketchup and Enscape.

    I am trying to import this PBR texture and have it render in Enscape as it is seen on the website images. (https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-mo…gh-terrain-2-seamless-pbr)

    I have attached an image of what I am seeing in Sketchup and what I am seeing in Enscape. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Technically, both file formats contain colour information on the pixels within the image, so for the sake of using them in Enscape, both will look just about the same.

    However a PNG file also contains information that defines the transparency level under the pixels, so if you use a PNG for a texture, Enscape will use the information within it as a transparency mask rather than having to create your own. (Also note that PNG's hold a greyscale mask while Enscape only recognises a black & white mask when imported.*)

    JPG files are designed to compress the underlying image and don't have this extra alpha channel to store, so will always be smaller in file size than PNGs. This, combined with the fact that Enscape does not need to run the 'transparency' bit of code against the texture will make using JPGs result in a much faster, less memory-hungry, and smoother to navigate model.

    (*This was true a few releases ago - I don't think it's changed yet, but the desire for it is a wishlist item)

  • I am trying to figure out basically why Enscape is not rendering the texture like the website is showing. What am I doing wrong?

    I have the albedo, AO, displacement, metalness, normal, and roughness maps. I used the albedo, normal, and roughness maps in the Enscape material editor.

  • Hey

    the reason why your textures are not looking the same is that enscape does not currently support displacement maps (you can currently use the albedo, Normal, and reflection maps from the pbr stack). the displacement map works by effectively manipulating the base geometry. so even if enscape did support displacement...you would have to sub divide the base geometry in sketchup for the map to do its magic...hope this helps

    Edit...it also looks like your uvs are a bit skewed and maybe too small