Combine several video files into one

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  • ... comfortable yes, but I don't agree.

    Even only the basic standard functions of any standalone video editor will always be better than in a renderer superimposed video editor unless this work would be as well solved as in Blender for example ...

  • Bogdan - post processing for video would be done better in a dedicated Video Editor. Sure, Max, Maya, Lightwave, Blender all offer this inside its own UI, but they are Standalone and not plugin software. Enscape, therefore doesn't currently provide this. One reason is the question of where to place the controls for doing Video post processing? If in the Enscape window, that has a knock on affect on performance, if in an external window, that compromises screen real estate. Ideally it would be in the Enscape window, but as mentioned, the hit on performance would not be worth it.

    We do have a story regarding the use of multiple Video Paths in our developer agenda, so we know about the desire for this, but other things take priority at the present time. Regardless, I have up-voted the story on your behalf.

  • I often need to combine several videos into a large one because of my work. I have been making use of a tool called Joyoshare Video Joiner. At present, I think it can satisfy me very well. More importantly, it can allow me to combine unlimited files without quality loss, which is what I really need.

    You mention that enscape is easy to use. Maybe I can try it. If you know any other video joiner or video editor, please let me know. Thanks.

  • I have been working with lots of different video editing software. I do highly recommend resolve 16

    the basic version is free as far as I know but even the pro version for 299 $ is a steal IMHO. Very good software!