Copying saved Enscape views between Revit files

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  • Hello,

    I'm using Enscape for Revit.

    Somehow one of the views saved from Enscape got deleted by accident, but I have it saved in another back-up Revit file.

    Is it possible to copy Enscape view from one Revit file to another?

    Thank you

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    Hey Artem , this is more related to Revit, not Enscape (since the views are being taken and created in Revit from a technical standpoint), but check out the following article which may help:…e-project-to-another.html

  • I have just found a way to copy a camera (perspective) 3d view from one Revit file to another using Enscape.

    1. Open the Revit file with the desired camera view. Launch Enscape with that camera view.

    2. Create an Enscape video path with that view as the first keyframe. Create a second keyframe (any will do).

    3. Save the video path. If you want, open the video path in TextEdit to check the coordinates of your camera.

    4. Close this Revit file. Open the one where you want to import the view.

    5. Launch Enscape. Load the video path file.

    6. While viewing the first keyframe, save the camera view from Enscape to Revit.

    Update: ToanDN on the AutoDesk forum has posted a simpler solution:

    1. Open both projects

    2. Open a 3d camera view and a plan of project A

    3. Select the viewport of the 3d view, switch to the plan view and you see the camera is visible and selected, CTRL+C

    4. Switch to project B, open a plan view, paste aligned to current view


    Solved: Re: Copying Views from one Project to Another - Autodesk Community - Revit Products