Laubwerk support?

  • Just wanting to share our roadmap with you, so that no one has the wrong ideas.

    Right now we are shipping a few assets (people + vegetation) with every installation, but they are only used in the Revit plugin when you place ArchVision RPCs and they are replaced by our assets.

    In a first step we want to provide you with the means to place these assets in a controlled manner. Originally we wanted to start with Revit only, but seeing how easy it is we implemented it for SketchUp and Rhino, too. We already started working on supporting ArchiCAD, but are facing technical challenges right now. Of course we'll try our best to make it happen, but it's too early to make promises.

    From there on there will be several paths to follow, nothing final has been decided about them:

    • Some of you have 3rd party assets that you want to use with Enscape. We can provide you with the means to import your own models into our system.
    • We can expand our asset library. This probably comes with some kind of web download because we don't want the installer size to explode.
    • We can allow you to share assets using some kind of web platform. But this needs a huge effort and comes with it's own set of challenges.

    We're starting with the first step in the next release. Everything else depends on too many factors. One of these factors is the feedback and requests we receive from you.

  • That sounds great, and I look forward to taking a closer look at what you have done :-)

    I will strongly support that you follow the first path as the highest priority. Being able to build our own libraries with as little limitation as possible is very important... especially for big architectual firms like ours... We MUST be able to create our own look and feel in what we do, to keep us differentiated from other studios.

    But, i'm very much looking forward to the new possibilities. Just, dont forget about what the pro users and big firms need on the way:-)

  • The very same concept of proxy implementation, and full vegetation rendering. there must be a simple way to use it, as Vray and TheaRender do it, Laubwerk is an enormous library of actual, real vegetation... Enscape could profit by starting using it...

  • +1 for Laubwerk support. I had reached out to the developers of laubwerk at some point last month to see if they had plans to support enscape. And I am paraphrasing here but they said they were certainly interested in supporting it, however, they did not have any thing to announce yet. I am hoping Enscape and Laubwerk get together and make it happen soon.