Laubwerk support?

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  • Hi

    I'm loving the new proxy features, both with skatter and alone... its great!

    I'm using the laubwerk trees in sketchup as well, but unfortunately the proxies generated by laubwerk doesnt work with enscape.

    Are you planning on supporting Laubwerk in the future?

    Kind regards


  • Herbo  Ted.Vitale That's already on our agenda and got your upvotes.

  • I emailed Laubwerk about this. They seem on board. They said

    "We would like that, too. We are going to get in touch with the Enscape guys about this. This is a little complicated, however. It should, in theory, be possible to get the trees into Enscape as they are in the renderings. However, the render version of our trees are very heavy and will probably bring Enscape to its knees pretty quickly. So we will have to provide a special real-time representation of the trees to work well with Enscape. This is something we are working on, but is not ready for prime-time just yet."

  • ball4872  Canacan Our asset library for Revit, SketchUp and Rhino will bring the answer in October. I presume you'll like it.

  • well i don't now your business model, but i now put on my no-hat.

    please don't dive into the asset production.

    i tried this with lumion, and the price the just went crazy, and i had to pay for content that i simply couldn't use - old trucks, big planes, ugly people, American furniture and so on...

    a least make assets as extra options, and we must be able to create our own models.

    now on with the yes-hat again, I know you won't let us down. I have never experience such serious and fast supports as Enscape delivers.


  • Nuge If we have to decide between releasing a feature for 3 solutions or not releasing a feature for all 4 solutions it's an easy decision.

    The API of ArchiCAD slows down every project. The asset library for ArchiCAD is getting prepared as well but won't be included in the upcoming release.

    Hopefully in one of the following previews.

    Ted.Vitale We'll provide our shipped assets in an asset library which will be constantly updated.

    Jorgensen It will be included in the standard Enscape prizing.

  • ball4872  Canacan Our asset library for Revit, SketchUp and Rhino will bring the answer in October. I presume you'll like it.

    Ok this sounds all very exiting...are you saying that come Octobers update there's to be an asset library containing a selection of Laubwerk trees / plants etc?

    Reason I ask is we are having such difficulty within our workflow integrating really high quality trees into Revit.

    Sketchup - not a problem but Revit seems so backward to get any decent vegetation. The content on Archvision isn't great we find and any which way we look there doesn't seem to be a smooth workflow without having to resort to Speedtree / Evermotion and Max models which are crazy hi poly models.

    We would be happy to subscribe or buy something that offers 'reasonable' hi res 3d trees / planting for Revit but theirs nothing out there that provides this, without going through 3-4 third party workflow processes.

    I've done some tests using Quixels free stuff and converted them into Rpc's which look great, but they don't have any trees just a few plants and things likes rocks and stuff. Not much use for us.

    So if this is the case - it cant come any sooner. :thumbup:

  • Echoing the please dont go down the path of custom libraries route.

    instead embrace content providers and develop plugins / interconnections.

    Work on proxy plugins and exporters for the content tools.

    Any library you build will become worthless in 6 months and out of date and also risk the experiences all become the same look.

    our 2.05c

  • Hi

    I too am a bit worried that the asset library is taking all the focus. At least for sketchup, there are plenty great models out there already, and more often than not I make my own models to get a high enough quality. I'm afraid that most of the included assets might not be usable for our very specific needs and projects (if all studios/firms use the same assets, how are we supposed to differentiate us?).

    I would MUCH more appreciate a wider support for external models and systems... that means, importing proxies from different file formats (fbx, obj, 3dm...) and from different plugins (Laubverk, speedtree, axyz...).

    This would make the possibilities endless, and each costumer can then purchase the excact models/systems they need.

    be careful to follow the path of lumion... they are WAY ahead with content, and the locked ecosystem is the main reason that many are going away from them... well, and price.

    But again, You guys have done an amazing job developing Enscape to where it is, and i have the biggest confidence that you will continue that way! :) None the less, i'm looking forward to the update, although i expect the features wont be for me ;)

  • I suspect that the easiest way to get some cool things(*) happening with resources is if they have full control of the resources in question.

    * for example animation with wind, controlling variations with seasons, changing the look of the specific resource from within Enscape, more random and controllable grass, ...

    I think I would prefer for the resources to be external and downloaded "on demand" rather than bundled with the installation. (Once downloaded would be available locally, for ever.)

    It would also be nice to make any resource library accept submitted things from their user base (curated to keep quality - otherwise you get the SU library that contains some gems among a lot of dross.... and there could be complications with copyright.)

    My concern would be that there would me more things to go wrong and ongoing maintenance/development of this feature would takes some of the focus of the developers away from maintaining and improving the core product: I am with those above and have some cautious optimism; personally I would rather that other cool things to do with the core interactive experience were higher on the priority list. (Still 110% behind any/all developments :thumbsup: .)