Homer Simpson #2 [ the last one ;-) ]

  • Hi All - To bring my Homer Simpson endless project to an end, I finally decided to put him on his white shirt, his blue pants and his shoes. Finally the winter is approaching here and Homer should not freeze 8o btw: again such a thing where Enscape´s outlines fit very well!

    #1 ... my pleasant Homer Simpson long-term project ;-)

    the rendered model, without SubD-function then, is also available in the 3D Warehouse:
    https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/ ... by-HornOxx

  • EGIE

    Changed the title of the thread from “Homer Simpson #3 [ the last one ;-) ]” to “Homer Simpson #2 [ the last one ;-) ]”.
  • Homer Simpson is pretty fat. In one episode it's said that he weighs around 239 pounds, which for a man in his height is obese. Although not morbidly so. For this time and age, Homer wouldn't even be that obese though. It's still enough to cause health issues and considering his anger issues, him having a feeble heart kind of makes sense.

    Meg being ugly though is weird. In some episodes she has this gross and flappy body, with fat rolls everywhere, but most of the time, she's just a short girl who is a bit overweight.

    ... hmm, since I could not measure the extent of Homer's thick belly myself ;) I just used my estimation by eye.
    And as for Maggie, she doesn't seem as ugly to me as you describe and she is also not part of my work above ;)

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