Luminous Intensity - Candelas vs Lumens

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  • Hello,

    Most Light objects (apart from Rectangle and Disk) use Candelas units instead of Lumens. Why is that?

    It seems that most lamps you can buy have a lumens spec, so I think it would be much easier to use this unit. Even easier (albeit not as precise) would be to use type and wattage (e.g. 60W Incandescent, or 7W LED).

    With the Candelas it is harder to know what number I should enter and I end up randomly adjusting the slider (along with the exposure) until I get something that looks right.

    Maybe I am missing something since I am new to Enscape, but Enscape seems to be super intuitive and easy to get great results quickly, with the exception of artificial lighting.


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    Thanks a lot for your post Zoom .

    I've gladly forwarded this subject to our developers - they'll review if they may adjust this in the future. There is a reason why we're using both Lumen and Candela for different light sources, even though we can still improve this in some areas. If you wish, I can go more into detail, although it can be a bit confusing. :)