Sun Lounge Extension Project Day and Night

  • Hi all,

    My first post and first serious attempt with Enscape for Sketchup having subscribed a month back. Been messing around with the trial version for a while and very impressed with it. Have been using Vray for about 7 years but never really got brilliant results from it (user skill rather than the software!) but finding so far that I get get much better results from Enscape in a much shorter space of time. I bought Vray 2.0 for sketchup back in January but probably won't use it now. I know it can produce brilliant results but I have never had the skills to be able to do so.

    The attached images are of small extension house extension project I am working on. Tried a day and night test with the same room. No post work, all standard sketchup materials, enscape lights etc. The reflections in the glass on the night view are a bit weird but apart from that I am quite happy with the results.

  • Thanks for the comments, I know the outlines make it less realistic but was kind of going for an illustrative image rather than photo-real. However I have had a mess around with the outline settings and have done the following for comparison.

    I think some of the detail is lost and the image seems a bit flat with outlines turned off. Might just be a personal preference but I prefer the outlined version.

    I then tried reducing the outline percentage to 1%. The original image had 4%.

    Finally I upped the resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160 and set the outline percentage to 2%

    This softens the outline quite a bit and might be seen as the happy medium. I think I still prefer the original to be honest but all thoughts welcome.

  • Thanks Ted, very happy with the results and the software in general. Its scary how simple it is to generate these with Sketchup and Enscape compared to what I used to try and do with 3ds Max and Vray!

    The tricky part as always is convincing my clients to pay for the visuals!! I do design and construction drawings for residential extensions etc but I feel the visuals are absolutely key to getting clients to understanding the scheme before any building work starts.

  • Nice, I've had similar dilemmas before trying to decide whether to use outlines or not. They definitely help things to pop a bit, but in certain areas they can be too obvious. I like your strategy of exporting at a higher resolution - I think it's a happy medium. Another option for even more control would be to combine the images in photoshop and erase certain areas where the outline are too thick.