Visual Settings Presets - Version 2.6

  • Hey,

    One of the only changes with 2.6 that I don't like is that when you go to load a preset from a project or file (and sometimes I'm switching from one present to another very frequently), once you've select which setting you want, the name of it isn't displayed anywhere. This can be confusing when rendering all day and using multiple presents, but forgetting which one you're exactly using.

    It would be great if it was just displayed like the older versions of enscape.

  • Thank you, I've forwarded your feedback accordingly.

  • That is a real step back.

    in 2.4 and 2.5 I could export my setting, save them in a centrale storage and share these settings with my collegues, now with the new Setting-Screen. I am not able to save differnt settings, and also I am not able to share these Settings! ( differnt namings, different settings...)

    I am thinking to skip the Version for deploying in the compony, because now I need to train everybody to set the right settings. days back in 2.5 I only shary my best sollution and all fine.

    Heinrich Boldt

  • heinrich.boldt

    Not sure I'm following. You can still export the settings to a standalone file in 2.6?

    Presets > save > save to file

    The UI could use some work, but the functionality is still there.

  • It's definitely a bit hidden :)

    I think they are still working on it. Perhaps the UI will be cleaned up a bit in the next version.

    Edit: also, a cool thing you can do in 2.6 is save the settings inside the file (so no need to load an external file).