Why this happened to me

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  • Hello guys,

    Is this ever happen to you? The Setting window.

    I have no problem with rendering. So far they seems good and better than before. Thanks to Enscape Team,

    What really bugged me is when i open the setting window it stay good, tweaking it and I move it down ( because i wanna see what happened to my viewport ), then when I moved it up back, the setting window look weird ( as in the picture attached ).. I need to close the setting window and re-open. My friend said "this what happened when you use cracked software".. "***** off Im genuine license user.

    Is this because of my laptop GPU?? RTX is shit???
    MY laptop spec:

    • Colour: ROG Titanium
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-9980HK
    • Memory: DDR4 2666 16G *2
    • HDD: PCIE G3x4 NVME 512G M.2 SSD*2 (RAID 0) + PCIE G3x4 NVME 512G M.2 SSD
    • VGA: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080
    • VRAM: GDDR6 8GB

    Note : I do have another ROG laptop that come with GTX 1080.. this problem never happen. Even on my destop with dual Quadro card.

    • Official Post

    Prime , this should, of course, not be caused by your RTX graphics card or laptop, but my caused by a graphics driver issue for example. So please make sure you try the following:

    - Update the graphics card drivers of your NVIDIA RTX 2080

    - Update your Windows accordingly

    - Re-install Enscape completely

    If that does not work, then please be so very kind as to send in a feedback report as described here. This will send over log files and further machine information which should allow us to find out the cause behind this behavior.

    In the submission form, please also briefly add a link to this thread. Thanks so much!