Transparency for Enscape Assets (Particurarly Trees)

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  • I'm using Revit. Right now what I have to do is export the image twice, with and without trees, then fiddle with photoshop on transparency of the trees and modify the shadows aswell. It's tedious AF

  • Ooof! That's a lot of extra time!

    Enscape markets itself as a visualization tool for Architects, but many features (including This Thread) are not present.

    If Enscape actually have an architecture research team, then they can search what Architects/designers want from a visual standpoint.

    Maybe they can sit-in through a class presentation at an architecture school and listen to the feedback for the students, or they can visit an architecture office and survey/ask what are the needs of the profession, from a presentation standpoint.

    Yes, we're using Enscape to visually show entire site developments and it's great! But, if your (Enscape) vegetation/trees are blocking the views towards the buildings themselves, then it's a pretty picture that doesn't work!

    This is not ranting but a constructive criticism toward Enscape.