Bizarre Reflection in VR

  • Hi,
    Can anyone please explain why the reflection is getting so ugly in this scene?
    First image: the object, Second: The reflection.
    As seen in the 3rd image, only from an acute angle, some corners are getting reflected by the mirror.
    The machine specs:
    Intel Core i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz
    RAM : 16 GB
    GPU: NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080

    Mirror: Enscape material: Clearcoat
    The rest objects: Rhino material
    The Rhino file is 65 MB. Could not upload.


  • Thanks a lot for your report.

    First off, please kindly check out the following FAQ article here.

    You can gladly upload the project to for example so that I can check it our myself, but from the looks of it this may be a completely normal behavior. Real-time reflections, especially when the object(s) are not completely in the so called screen-space (which includes everything you see on screen directly, excluding what is seen in reflections of course) are not yet "perfect" - especially since we'll always have to find a balance between performance and visual output. :)

    As mentioned, feel free to share the scene with me, still, so that I can check it out just to make sure.

  • Clive - As Demian mentioned, this is normal behavior. Taking in to account what Demian mentioned before about off screen objects, please consider the following screenshot where the object and reflection are on screen:

    It's one of those things with ray traced real time rendering that will improve as time goes by and the technology improves.