Can Enscape be used with the Oculus Quest?

  • Quite a few customers have asked us if Enscape is supporting the Oculus Quest - while the Oculus Quest is not yet officially supported (there are no standalone files for example yet which could be used with this device), we have received quite a few positive reports from users which used the following software to stream Enscape into the Oculus Quest:

    - ALVR

    - VRidge

    Keep in mind that you'll have to have a working internet connection - the faster the better when it comes to avoiding latency.

    More info will be also be added once "Oculus Link" has been officially released.

    If you have some good experience with a different streaming software besides the two mentioned above, feel free to let me know via PM and I'll add it to the list. :)

    For general inquiries or questions, feel free to create a thread in this forum, or contact