Love me some section cuts

  • Prepared some renders, fiddled around with section cuts.

    And a top down section cut - a great cross between your run of the mill top down plan view and realism.

    Too bad Enscape doesn't allow more than one section at a time, let alone section fills. Both features would reduce the time spent in PhotoShop and enable some new approaches to visualization.

  • You know that you can do section fills in SU with (probably) less time than you would spend in PS?

    (Filled sections)

    (Have not got it myself, but if you use sections a lot then it might be worth looking into the professional Skalp plugin for SU.)

    Thanks for the hint! As I currently don't work all that much with sections I can't justify shelling out the cash for Skalp. Honestly I would rather have Enscape replicate the section fills Sketchup already does but oh well. X/

    Meanwhile I found a plugin that does pretty much what I need for now: - It's not officially supported by SKP2019, yet it works as expected. Depending on the geometry I found there's some tweaking to be involved afterwards but that's fine in my book.