"spraypaint" and text markups on model

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  • I'm sure that there were a couple of feature request somewhere;

    - one that would let you measure things on the enscape screen

    - one that would let you insert a 'tag' or 'label' into your model that you could click on within the Enscape window and it would give you information on what you clicked on.

    - one that would let viewers (and the creator) 'tag' and add comments/text to an exported panorama (and/or EXE) so that the creator could see them.

  • an optional tag / label system would really be nice , this feature could not only be used for communication (redlining environment... ) to fix errors and alike, but also for final end user presentation this would be a very mighty feature, you could e.g. put a semi transparent button on an object like a kitchen appliance and when the user clicks it display its specs... that is just one example but this would really add a new dimension to the real time environments, because you would be able to interact with the model instead of just walking trough it.... this would be huge IMHO.

    Look here:

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  • v-cube, Gadget, Bogdan, this has been added as a feature request, I'm not sure why Demian didn't note that here, as he created the story for this last week.

    Anyway, you know that this feature has been registered in our system now.