Let's get a Glass MaterialID Export Layer

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  • Alright, I think we all know the problem here - Enscape doesn't output glass materials.

    Yeah, there's a workaround for getting them, by rendering the file, then changing the glass to solid, then rendering again, then changing it back. But that is, to put it bluntly... kinda stupid. And When you just need to make some tweaks to re-render again, it becomes a very tedious and time-consuming process.

    Why is this important? Well, let's be honest - if you're a revit user, not only is it a gigantic PITA to do the above workflow, but it's also tough to really nail your glazing shaders. Especially if you want something translucent, which enscape can't do - so we often layer over it in photoshop to try to achieve the same effect.

    I read in a previous thread that there are issues with doing it in the regular MaterialID export so... why not just give us an additional export? It could be just the glazing materials, or it could be the whole materialID file but with the glazing turned on instead of the materials behind. I can definitely appreciate why we would want both, because we do a lot of glass balconies and we still want to be able to color-select the materials behind the railings... but including that extra export would really help one of the biggest pain points that we and other users experience on a daily basis. :thumbsup:

  • I would be happy with this being a global option if an additional pass is a problem. The checkbox would be ON/OFF for treating material as solid or transparent in Material ID. Many architectural workflows, especially exterior shots, are better if the interior Material IDs are not visible in windows.