Easily control materials

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  • Is there a way, or can I request a way to control materials in an easier way within Enscape? It would be great if I could set the entire project to white and turn on a material one-by-one.

    We like to keep our models very abstract and white and play around with materials sparsely. It would be great to do that without having to change every material to white before turning some materials back to the colour we want.

    Also, being able to control the colour, etc. of the trees etc. would be good. These rendering programs always have overly saturated trees.

    Thank you~!!!!

  • There are a few existing idea/request threads that could cover this:

    - one for selective materials being shown in White Mode.

    - one for selecting/changing existing materials within the Enscape window (Especially those in the in-built assets)

    - one for completely over-writing materials shown (Although this can be achieved in SU with individual user-entered textures just now with the 'Tint Color' and 'Image Fade' options)

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    Welcome to our forum! Pardon for the delayed response and thank you so much for your feedback. :)

    Both has been requested before, so I'll gladly add up-votes to the corresponding feature requests on our internal agenda.

    Also, in case you were not aware, you can generally adjust the color saturation of your scene output via the Image tab which you can access in the Visual Settings. :)

    Let me know in case there is ever anything else you want to share with us, or in case you have any questions what so ever.