Any standalone virtual reality headset that works with Enscape?

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  • Bogdan

    Changed the title of the thread from “Any standalone virtual reality headset tat works with Enscape?” to “Any standalone virtual reality headset that works with Enscape?”.
  • I think someone was testing the Virtual Desktop tunnel on Oculus Quest in another thread here awhile back. There are two methods available, running Enscape and the host software on un-tethered local resources, or running Enscape and the host software on the cloud.


    • Oculus Quest
    • Virtual Desktop app for Quest
    • Good WiFi setup for both options, and good internet connection if using cloud resources
    • Decent local PC that runs Enscape well that is hardwired to the network, or subscription and decent proximity to one of their edge nodes
    • Some technical prowess to jump through all the hoops

    Guide on setting up on the cloud for gaming, but the general ideas are the same for getting Enscape up and going on there. Haven't tried it myself but I would like to soon.

  • Bogdan, the problem is that the the computing power in these units is not powerful enough to perform the ray tracing without somehow having supporting hardware that can provide the graphical power needed.

    As others user have found out, however, you can stream to these Standalone HMD VR units and, although we don't currently officially support these (as they use 3rd party solutions), as vertigo1 has suggested, it is possible.

    • Official Post

    Bogdan , Pixero , we definitely considered / consider implementing some form of baking for our web standalone or standalones in general - no definite plans yet, but it might be a good solution for the web based versions. :)

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    hi Demian Gutberlet ,

    the reason why I was interested in portable VR was because of client presentations. It's very convenient to bring a headset in meetings and explore the building. Also this might work with construction sites as well... so I hope it will come soon :D

    Yeah! I totally feel you of course. :) Just a matter of time I'd say until we can offer standalone files for example for mobile VR usage, and/or the ability to use our Web Standalones in an untethered VR device. :)