how to match sketchup and enscape camera view ?

  • devrimimar - What version of Enscape are you using? Version 2.6 of Enscape bought Vertical Field of View into Enscape when View Synchronization is enabled in SketchUp and Rhino, so matching should be now possible, whereas before Enscape always used a Horizontal Field of View, which was adverse to the vertical field of view that SketchUp / Rhino uses.

  • I am using trial version of 2.6 for sketchup. I did not succeed rendering exact sketchup wiews in case of using default camera settings in enscape windows.

    Could you please explain this issue at webinar planned on the date of 20 november or any other video tutorials ?


  • Hi all;

    I installed a ''safe frame '' plugin into sketchup , and matched the aspect ratio both in escape and sketchup safe frame window - now I can controll the both view in sketchup and enscape. İt works perfectly.

    Without using any plugin showing safe frame in sketchup view it is hardly possible to match both view.

    my suggestion to developer is; when we activate the '' show safe frame '' in escape visual settings, a frame must occur in sketchup window. otherwise we can not see the final result of the image.

    Using advanced camera tools can be another option to create safe frames. But unfortunatelly using ACT has several difficulties.

    Regards .