Export/Import Enscape Data

  • For collaborating between host applications, and possibly between versions of the same host application, it could be useful to Export / Import Enscape proprietary data.

    This would include library elements, proxies, visual settings, material settings.

    The goal would be that if we converted the geometry to another host (ie, Revit to Sketchup, Archicad to Sketchup, etc) we could then import the Enscape data and recreate the same scene efficiently.

    This functionality could also be used to save Enscape "Setups" which could then be used across applications. This would be useful in an office that wanted to standardize and uses Sketchup and Revit for example.

  • renderwiz and Jonny , thanks a lot for your inquiries. I've filed a corresponding feature request for these subjects accordingly. :) Let me know in case there is anything else you want to add to it as additional feedback!