Bounding Geometry for Limited Fly Mode Movement

  • Hi,

    I've been using Enscape over the past year to do presentations with a client and one major issue that I've faced is that there is no ability to prevent movement around the model in Fly Mode. Our client likes to move around using that method and in doing so finds parts of our model that are less desirable to show. I would find it extremely useful to have the ability to toggle on and off an invisible 3D boundary that would limit the area of movement in fly mode. Similar to the way that video games restrict your movement at the edges of the map.

    I think creating a boundary parameter that could be added to a material would be a great fix for this.


  • I would also find it useful to have a non-bounding material parameter for Walk Mode. A material that could be added to closed doors which would allow you to walk through them but not through the walls.

  • RSmithWaters - thanks for the feedback. We do have a story in the developer agenda regarding the provision of a bounding box to limit navigation in VR, and I have up-voted that story on your behalf.

    Regarding the non-bounding materials to disable certain collision objects in WalkMode, that's an interesting solution, but again we do have a story that relates to disabling collision objects when in Walk Mode, so that has also been up-voted on your behalf.