Loading assets every time is time wasted

  • mattendler - if you allow all the assets to load at least once in to the Asset Library, that will help speed up the loading a great deal, even when starting a new Revit work session, you should find that after doing this the assets will load much, much faster into the Asset Library.

    There is a small verification check that takes place each time the Asset Library is loaded to make sure that the assets are current, but that should not result in long loading times if your internet speed is good.

    We are aware that this is an issues for a number of user, however, and we are looking at alternatives to the current behavior.

    We did provide the assets into the installer to begin with, but this was considered bad in that it meant the installer file would end up being huge.

    However, we do also have a story regarding us providing an offline library, and although that may end up not being the end solution, I have up-voted that story on your behalf. in the meantime.

  • Pete Chamberlain Make it so that all of it is stored locally, so we can read it quickly, and then choose to update as needed via internet. An internet check everytime is killing us. Seconds count!

    Thanks, be assured that your feedback has been noted!