Tree plan symbol and more USA tree species

  • For Revit - It would be great if trees had a "plan symbol" so they would show up in plan not as a mesh but as one of the traditional plan symbols for trees. Having a 2d component would be helpful for creating a legend as well. It would be great to have more trees from the American Northeast - in general more coniferous trees, betula, and fastigiate trees. Thanks!!

  • If Enscape asset development team were to make the mesh invisible in plan, and then nest a detail item and give it a parameter to be other types, It would give us flexibility to choose amongst loaded detail items in our project and apply it to that particular enscape asset

  • LJT1  mattendler yes, we have this as a topic of providing assets as 2d for floorplans, etc, in the developer agenda, and I have up-voted that on your behalf, and the your suggestion regarding nested detail items has also been fed in to this.

    I've also passed on your request for more American Northeast Trees.