Push to Enscape Mode (vs. Live Updates on/off)

  • Hi,

    During heavy design phase the "live sync" mode is rather annoying. Rather than an on/off switch I would prefer it to be OFF by default (or at least have the option to) and then press a hotkey to push the data over to the enscape environment when its the right moment. It would eliminate me from having to turn it off, which I forget to do, and it causes lagginess and glitchiness because its trying to "print" in between user inputs. Its a 4.7 Ghz with a 1080 TI so I think I'm in the upper tier of hardware performance and I still think this would be helpful. I consider myself a power user of the product and I'm using enscape as a design workflow tool not just for presentations. thanks.

  • bump. This is still valid. Its additionally helpful because when you mouse away from property tab changes it tries to auto-enter, and sometimes there's a loss in UI stability when the auto-enter and auto-printing (live updates) function are on.

    I would prefer the screen to say "Needs update, click this button"