Decal type Material rendering

  • Greetings all. I must start by saying I am a huge fan of Enscape. As a residential designer speed is everything and Enscape helps make great use of my time. "Walking" through a model and picking good views to render makes it possible to create an amazing selection of views for a client without expending an inordinate amount of time. I am also a Revit user that appreciates great Sketchup models, but it's unlikely that I will ever switch formats. That being said I have become fairly crafty getting Sketchup "entourage" into Revit to add the required clutter to make a scene look realistic. I am having trouble getting Enscape to display what I would describe as "decal" type materials. I have enclosed to images of a sample glass jar that has a "label" on the jar. One image shows the jar rendered in the cloud through the AutoDesk cloud rendering service. The second is captured from Enscape. As you can see, the Enscape version doesn't display the label. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in Advance, Steve L.

  • Hi stevelacydesigns glad to hear you're enjoying Enscape so far! :) Unfortunately Enscape doesn't support decals on transparent surfaces (yet). One workaround would be to actually model the label as separate geometry though. Hope I could help!