how I can create warm interior light?

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  • From the knowledge base of Enscape for rhino, I found out they don't support IES lighting in rhino yet. This is sad. Does this mean I can't change my lighting setting( control warm or cold lighting effect) yet? Please look at the following video"", this is done in SU, can I have colored lights in Rhino as well?


    It is worth noting at this point that if you have Auto Exposure enabled in the Enscape Settings window, and at the same time you only have a single light source placed in your scene, you will not see any effect from the artificial light because the Auto Exposure compensates for the light source intensity. Furthermore, if you have VRay installed, you will need to make sure that Rhino, and not VRay, is selected as the render engine in Rhino’s Render Properties, otherwise you will not see the Rhino Light controls. The last thing of note is that currently Enscape is not supporting IES Lighting in Rhino."

    Please help.