enhance motion blur

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  • Hello,

    I am currently doing a series of animation for an office complex. I have a few relatively fast camera pans which are causing judder effects (something like stutter, which is typically occurring when doing fast camera movements). With my old render pipeline I would solve this problem by using a decent amount of motion blur, however in enscape the motion blur seems to be very subtle... I have attached two files from a fast test animation done in octane to show what I mean. you can see that the objects in foreground have massive motion blur, therefore you can play the animation without any judder...

    In Enscape, even when dialing in 100% motion blur I am not able to archive this.

    So in the case Enscape is already supporting real motion blur, please massively increase the range, so that we can produce fast paced camera motion without judder.




    P.S: can someone enable video attachments in this forum? Or am i missing something?

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    Thank you both for the feedback which I'll gladly forward as always of course - right now, videos have to be uploaded to YouTube beforehand for example, then they can be easily attached with a reply. So far, our Forum does not support adding Videos natively, but this may also very well change in the future. I'll forward that inquiry as well! :)