Atmospheric Reflections

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  • Is it possible to get the Enscape atmosphere to show in reflections? Being able to set a real world location to asses glare internally is great, and we'd also like to use it externally to assess sun reflections, e.g. I'm approaching the building from a particular angle, is sun reflection an issue for pedestrians, drivers etc.

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    Hello Colin.Magner , thank you for your message!

    I'm unsure what exactly you wish for. Please let me know in case your question is not answered hereby.

    - Atmosphere showing in reflections - I suppose you mean sunlight and clouds being reflected? That certainly should be the case:

    Is there anything particular you're missing to see in reflections? Enscape will never get 'blinded' by the sun, but as you already said, if you've set a certain location, date and time, Enscape will display the sun/shadow angle correctly depending on where you are on the planet, no matter whether you're inside of a building (given there's windows), or outside.