Revit - Better looking assets in plan / elevation views (not in Enscape!)

  • Hi all,

    Wouldn't it be great if Enscape assets looked better in plan and elevation views?
    We work collaboratively in Revit within the practice so our architectural plans AND the Enscape visuals come from the same model and what we have to do currently is use Enscape assets for better visuals, hide them in plan views, replace these assets with basic Revit ones so that they look decent in Plan/Elevation, then hide these basics in 3D views so they don't come up in Enscape renders... And this just goes on and on and on. Ultimately we do want to use Enscape assets for visuals, but this is wasting a lot of time for us.

    We also tried completely hiding the furniture / planting categories to separate out the Revit furniture and Enscape furniture but this does not always work as we still want trees to be visible in certain views so we end up hiding things individually in every view instead. And sometimes it is a lot!

    Does someone have a better workaround?:rolleyes:

    Thank you!


  • Thanks a lot for your feedback Gvidas , we decided to only give a rough "preview" model so to speak of our Assets in Revit to mainly reduce performance, since this is what had been demanded the most. Still, I'll gladly forward your feedback to give you the ability to either maybe replace the models in Revit with your own, or to give some quality-level options to make them generally look more detailed than right now. :)

  • Hi,

    have you looked into the link asset feature? Thats what we use.

    alternatively you could use worksets with the default setting to be invisible.

    hope that helps a bit.

  • My apologies Gvidas , what yschindel has shared may already very well be helpful to you.

    Check it out yourself by just clicking the three dots on any asset in our library and then:

    This will open up a further dialogue to allow you to replace any instance of a family with the selected asset in Enscape! Let me know in case you want to share any feedback with us regarding this functionality.

  • Before this feature was added. I did my own custom by taking the Enscape height and Asset ID parameters and applying them to our offices standard tree families. So that's also an option, though I feel it works best for planting. Furniture might be weird not sure if it will keep rotation alignment, etc.

  • Since we are already on the topic of scaling/rotation of linked assets -

    In a workshared model is have noticed following behavior:

    1. Change EnscapeAssetHeight parameter value - > assets is scaled accordingly.

    2. Synchronize with central: Assets jumps back to defaul height, and so does the EnscapeAssetHeight parameter value.

    My workaround is to connect the EnscapeAssetHeight to a global parameter. That way the parameterfalue stays the way I want it.