VR quality like web viewer

  • Hello,

    Our company just love Enscape, One of the main questions I get is the antialising issue while using the VR option in Enscape.

    I explain my coworkers the way that Enscape is constantly processing the images to create the real time interaction, but some of them just want something to showcase at better frame rate, and this constant refinement really affect the performance in VR.

    I know you can lower the quality on the render optiions, and that's what I always recommend, but then the overall quality, glow reflections and more are totally lost. Comparing the Web viewer in Enscape I think if there is a way to choose that quality to present in VR would be great.

    We could still keep the constant rendering but also have the option to pre-bake the scene so optimize for VR presentations.

    What you guys think.

    Thank you for this awesome software.!