Howtos and guidelines for Revit Families and Materials

  • I would like to learn how to get similar results like in your showcases:

    • Whats important to know about materials?
    • What to avoid? ...maybe from a performance perspective (VR)
    • How to tweak the hell out of materials for best render quality
    • Tipps and Tricks
    • Sample projects or materials

    ...and maybe:

    • Shop links for premium Revit materials and families which are recommended for Enscape

    Please give us some insight how to tweak the hell out of our procects with Enscape! :-)


  • For example:

    Dissplay transparency maps for eg. pattern glass type materials


    Create a new wall type for glass (instead of curtainwall) and then we used the paint tool to paint the backside of the "glass" with the cutout material.


    Generic Revit textures


    Enscape is not able to display generic textures, which are provided by Revits material editor. This is true for bump maps, as well.

    One way to work around this, if you're using these generic textures to create patterns, would be to simply screenshot the created texture and use it as an image.