Automate material creation in Revit

  • Hi,

    This is not exactly an Enscape thing, but you need materials in Revit to see them in Enscape right?

    So here is where we are : we are trying to structure a material library (appearance library to be accurate) in Revit to be used by our office.

    We decided a number of rules for naming and key-wording for an efficient workflow for everyone in the office.

    This is taking a long time : Names , keywords, texture links, texture dimensions, plus all the tweaks back and forth to see if it looks good in Enscape.

    Except for the tweaking, the process could be much faster.

    I'm thinking for instance at an excel sheet where you could write down everything (one line per material) and run a script or something that would create the corresponding .adsklib, the autodesk libray file.

    I'm sure we are not the only ones to spend time on that and I wonder if there are some tricks, plugins or methods to automate the process.

    How do you do in your offices ?