Importance of a safe-frame

  • Hi enscape team,

    Please fix your safe-frame in your software. It is extremely frustration when you are establishing a shot to only find out that the shot you establish is not 100% what was set up. In your video mode you have a "Fake" grid that doesn't constraint to the real aspect ratio (AR) that a user inputs making useless. For example, I set it to be HD video or a aspect ratio of 1.78. what is the point of beign able to size and stretch the preview window to establish a shot when it doesn't constrain to the desire AR. This is a MAJOR problem as you can see in my attached image, the top being the VP capture from the engine with the fake grid and the bottom a VP capture of what was actually rendered out. Its close but you can very visibly see the can lights are being cropped in when they weren't suppose to. Now, this would be that big of an issue if it wasn't such a pain to adjust camera paths. Your software is good but make it great by putting some attention to some of the more important "features" like fixing your safe frame in the next update.

  • jtubb , thanks a lot for your feedback, sorry to hear that the video editor frame was causing you frustration. As you've already figured of course, this safe-frame is for reference only to align your keyframes for example, but it does currently not have any influence over the exported video what so ever.

    I'll forward your inquiry accordingly of course, others have already requested a dedicated safe frame which can be toggled while creating a video, or before taking a rendering too.

  • Wondeful! Can't explain why I never stumbled on that before..

    you are welcome. just be carefull adjusting the paremeters on both side ( enscape and sketchup ).

    for example;

    for the full hd resolution (1920X1080) the aspect ratio seems as 1.78 . normally it is : 1920/1080= 1,77777778 . and you need to adjust 1,777 on sketchup side.

    just try if you have other question I will try to help you.